Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Lose or Not to Lose

I have been a busy bee...but not with crafting (I do have some of those, but I will be creating those posts this weekend!)

I have been ... gasp ... at the gym!!

Since I added some new responsibilities at work, and have been slightly even more busy, I hadn't been eating very well. Fast food became a pretty frequent visitor, and so did soda. By December, all I could think of myself was...ugh! My face was getting so pudgy (this is me in December) and my skin looked awful, thanks to all the caffeine and sugar. I always looked tired, and my eyes were getting so squinty when I smiled because my face was so puffy!

I couldn't stand to see myself so out of shape anymore, so I decided that this is my year. Last year, I did pretty well for a couple months, but once my son's baseball season hit and everything got busy...well, I gave up. But I'm not going to this time.

I started a 1300 calorie per day nutrition plan and after three days, found I wasn't hungry all the time anymore (or thirsty, thanks to drinking so much water!). I also started going to the gym 6 days a week. Not insane workouts, mind you, but about an hours worth of workouts (two hours some days when I take a Zumba class). I know it's time away from my family, but I keep reminding myself that if I spend four months really working hard and strengthening the good habits, then I can lose some weight, get fit, and then settle into a less time consuming fitness plan.

I have more energy than ever, and I just feel so much better already. I started on January 3, and today, January 27, I am 12 pounds lighter and down a pants/dress size. My old clothes are fitting, and fitting comfortably, so I'm on my way!

I wore a sweater to work today that I also have a picture of myself in from Halloween. Today's pictures aren't the best becuase I just propped the camera up (and I have the wrong lens with me) but at least it gives an idea.

And so, hopefully this is the first post of many until I get to my goal!


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  1. awesome!

    for the record, while reading your post. I scarfed a chili dog. and right before I read your post, I scarfed a Chicago-style hot dog.



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