Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baseball Season is Here (which means cute cheerleading shirts)!

Yes, it's baseball season for my favorite son. This is his second season playing, and he has the same coach -- all in all, he's very excited.

And I'm excited, because I love seeing him smile, AND it meant I got to sew my other little cutie a little cheerleading shirt.

Well, two. Becauase one is white, and going to get dirty realllllllly fast - and dirty where I probably won't be able to keep it white, lol!

So for your viewing pleasure (lol), here are the little cheerleader's outfits for baseball season, to support her big brother, #13!!
Shirt #1 - front


Shirt #2 (it was supposed to be circles like a baseball but...well, it looked so much better in my head)

And of course, a matching green hairclip

Happy baseball season, everyone!
Allie ;)

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