Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Four Year Anniversary - I Love You Babe ;)

Tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of our wedding day. Being the nostalgic fool I am, I've been listening to our wedding songs and looking at the album this week. It was such an amazing day.

Our Song (he picked it out)

I was a pretty laid-back bride. When the cake decorater asked what type of cake I wanted? "Whatever." When the florist asked about flowers? "Whatever. They just need to be blue and white." (Our theme was Cubs and Sox, lol).  I made wrappers for our candy bars as table favors, I made our programs (complete with stories of our wedding party's favorite memories of us). I wasn't stressed  -- well, except for that one minor moment two nights before the wedding when our DJs home was broken into and all his equipment (songs included) was stolen. And I would have no DJ. Yikes! I wanted to cry but couldn't because I'd just had a spray tan - seriously - and so I was pretty much hyperventilating, sitting on the bed when my soon-to-be hubby came home and asked what on earth was wrong. thanks to a bridesmaid, we had a dj locked in that night, and the party could carry on ;)

Honestly, the only thing I cared about (and hence, the breakdown over music when I gave everyone else license to be creative) was that everyone have a good time. We didn't have a super fancy hall; the food was family style (and delicious). Our son was 18 months and so cute in his little tux. When they asked if anyone had any objections, my son said, "uh oh" about something else - but it was just such funny timing and everyone was laughing. It was the day of my dreams, followed by the reception of my dreams. Complete with the man, and son, of my dreams.

My husband is amazing. We've been married four years, but together for nine. And for all intents and purposes, I might as well say 10, because we were a psuedo-couple the first year we met, whether we admitted it or not.

He's been by my side through so much, both good and bad. When my mom was dying of brain cancer, he was there, with no expectations and no drama - he was just there. When we found out we were pregnant - and not married - he didn't freak out. He kept a level head, he supported me, he made sure we saw all the joy we were going to experience (and he was right). While I wasn't thrilled at the time, I look back now and am grateful for this: he said he wouldn't marry me while I was pregnant, because he never, ever wanted anyone to ever say that we only got married because we were having a baby. And I'm grateful for that now because there is no denying it - we were together because we wanted to be, and married because we wanted to be.

When I was in labor, he was holding my hand, telling me how proud he was of me and coaching my breathing. When I was tired, he was getting up with babies and letting me sleep in. He never forgets cards or anniversaries, and he constantly puts the kids and I first, making sure we spend a lot of time as a family and doing things we'll always remember.

When we first started dating, we'd talk for hours into the night. We'd spend every moment together, going out all the time and hanging out with friends. While our lives have changed a bit because of babies and jobs and bills, and we don't spend hours talking or go out all the time, I never have a doubt that he loves me. I hope he knows that it isn't the big moments I treasure most, but the small ones he creates every day. Such as:

  • Putting up with my disorganization and chaotic house.
  • Putting up with my crafting stuff everywhere.
  • How he cooks me dinner pretty much every day.
  • Taking me places where I can take photos.
  • Taking me out to boutiques around town to promote my business (it means so much that he really believes in me)
  • Getting up early with the kids on the weekend so I can sleep a little longer
  • His kisses goodbye in the morning, when he thinks I'm still asleep but I'm really awake just waiting for those
  • How sweet it is to see he and the kids asleep in bed, all cuddling.
  • How he tells me I'm beautiful, even on days I know I'm not.
  • When he goes along with all my crazy schemes and plans, just to see me happy.
  • How he talks about my mom, or says something reminds him of her - or tells me how proud she'd be of me.
  • How he tolerates how much of her stuff I still have, because I just can't give it away yet. And he finds places to display it, just because he knows it's important.
  • How he remembers what my favorite meals are at every restaurant, even when I don't.
  • How he always gets my favorite ice cream instead of his.

I could go on and on, because the list is eternal. I wake up each day and can't believe that I found this man who, though we have our ups and downs, has stood by my side and held my hand through everything in the last 10 years.

So happy fourth anniversary baby. I know we have many more ahead of us, but each year it will be the same: I will always, always be eternally grateful that I found you. You've brought the three greatest things in the world into my life -- you, Pey, and Alex.

Love you,

And to my wonderful wedding party, thank you for being the best friends anyone could ever ask for. I love you guys. And to my honorary mamas (pictured below) Helen, Robin, Paula, Sharon, Sharon, Cathy, Nancy, and Lori, who have been there for my mom, and my family, and now me for every important event in our lives, thank you - and we love you very much.

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