Saving "Lion"

I'd be embarrassed to tell you how much money I've spent over the years buying Build-A-Bears and other various toys, waiting for my son to find "the one" that he will treasure forever. I know not every kid has one, but I still have this doll my mom got me when I was so young, and I guess (oddly) I just wanted that for my son, too.

Well guess what? All those build and bears and toys have been played with for an hour or a week and then tossed aside. About two years ago though, we went to a pizza place for a rehearsal dinner for my dad's wedding, and inside the pizza place was one of those claw machines. One of his cousins won a stuffed lion, which she gave to my son, and he was so excited - the same way he was with all of those other toys I've bought him.

Except that lion apparently made the cut that none of the others did.

For two years now, he's snuggled that thing. This cheap little toy that cost 50 cents to win has been his pride and joy - which just goes to show again that it isn't money that brings us happiness, but the thought and the love behind something that is what truly matters.

He also gave him a very valiant name: Lion. That's right - we tend to name things what they are around here, ha!

Almost a year ago, Lion's leg fell off. It wasn't a surprise, because those claw machine toys are pretty cheap. Every couple months I come across the leg and put it somewhere for safekeeping, so that I can reattach it. And in the meantime, my little one has just played with (and slept, and cuddled, and carried) a three-legged lion. Wouldn't you think that by now I'd have reattached that leg, considering I sew and I have an etsy store even?? I'm ashamed to say I didn't!

Tonight though, we got Lion, we got the leg, and we did a little early evening surgery, followed by lots of cuddly love.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids smile. Sigh. It's a good day ;)


  1. I've never done a build a bear for my son before, But he does have a sock monkey that get more love then all the other stuff toys he has.


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