Monday, May 30, 2011

40% off sale

Oops - one more post, sorry ;)

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Fourth of July Creativity & Fun

I love creating holiday decorations (especially if my mini-me is going to don them ;)!!)  Last week, I created this Fourth of July wreath for my door, and this weekend (since apparently - minus today - all the weather here wants to do lately is rain), I had a lot of free time on my hands to do some creating.

And of course, hairbows it was. I created a ton of different ones that I'm going to hand out to my friends' little ones to wear for the holiday, and then I (as always) created duplicates for the shop. I can't wait for fireworks and sparklers and watching my kids as they stare in awe at the sky lighting up ;)  And I love that we get to teach them about freedom, and how lucky they are to live in a land where they can have an opinion and it can be anything they want, thanks to the freedom our ancestors created.

What are you making for the Fourth of July?


I love Claire's accessories in the mall - especially when they have their clearance 10 items for $10 ;) I stocked up on items that I can dissassemble and use (buttons, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, clips, headbands, etc) in creating my crafting items.

I of course first made one for me, because I love this button. I don't know why, but I am just totally drawn to it (maybe because I'm such a romantic!)

Then I made these headbands for my daughter (and of course made some duplicates for the shop ;) !) and my little one loved them. She loves animals right now, so the monkey and panda buttons were right up her alley! And she loves the feathers I've been using in headbands and clips, so she was even excited about some of the clips I made her (also made duplicates of those for the shop) because they had feathers.

I can't wait for her to start wearing all these!

Have a great week everyone!

Summer has FINALLY arrived! (And we kicked it off in style!)

Ahhh...summer ;) First, we...

played in the new sprinkler

played a little catch

then more sprinkler

we got fishy fingers from being in the water so long

and then super daddy came home and surprised me with a hammock!!
i've wanted one for so long, i was beyond excited!

then we prepped dinner...complete with wine

p.s. check out all these corks i'm saving for a project ;)

dinner ... steaks, chicken, and corn on the cob (we make lots, so we can have some for lunch the next day)

then some more hammock time

and smores!!!!

we wrapped up the night with reading a few books in the hammock, bathtime and then bed. Sigh, what a great life!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Anyone host giveaways? Or Guest posts?

I'm looking to spread the word about my shop - so I'd like to host some giveaways, as well as giving your readers a discount to my store. If you (or a blog you know) would be interested, please let me know!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Making a Shirt from the Skull/Crossbones Dress Scraps!

I found a way to still use my shirt! Woo hoo! After making this dress for my daughter, I decided to cut up another old white shirt of mine that I didn't like (had a stain on the upper right chest) and use the bottom of that with the top of my black and white striped shirt that is a special memory for me!

Super simple to sew together. I love that it's not short anymore, and that it is a big contrast. And it's lightweight for summer.


I love new clothing. And I already have an idea for when I decide I don't want to wear the shirt anymore (as it inevitably happens with every piece of clothing I own, lol) - I am going to make it into a pillow that can decorate my bed ;)

The shirts before:

What happened to the other half of the black & white shirt:

The shirts after (please ignore the hair/lack of makeup. It's late. And I'm not a supermodel, so don't expect awesome poses!)

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Girly Skull and Crossbones Upcycled Dress

I bought a 3T shirt at a resale shop on sale for 50 cents months ago. It's sat in my pile of "I'll get to this eventually" projects. I bought it specifically with the purpose of adding an iron-on I bought - also months ago, and at least a month before the shirt - of a girl skull and crossbones.

Tonight, I decided, why not? Let's be productive. ;)

I needed a bottom, because instead of just the shirt, I wanted to create a dress. In the pile is a shirt I have had for years. It is a simple black and white stripe, but I love it. I bought it with my mom on one of our last shopping trips together. It was a "share" shirt - one of the shirts we would share between eachother. For that sentimental reason, I haven't been able to get rid of it. It shrunk though, and was really short, and I can't do short shirts, lol.

I also love the 3/4 sleeves on it. I don't have tanktop arms, so I like sleeves. Preferably 3/4 ;)  (I used the scraps from this dress to make this shirt.)

I cut off the bottom of the shirt from right under the armpits. It would make a perfect bottom to the dress, and even more, it would be a happy reminder of the fun times I had with my mom each time my cutie pie wears this special dress.

It was easy to sew - I used a gathering stitch to make the skirt ruffle a bit at the waist. I sewed the pieces together, cut the cuffs off the sleeves and shortened the sleeves, then sewed the cuffs back on to make it 3/4, then ironed on the design. After that, I cut out a skull and eyes and nose, along with a pink felt and rhinestone bow, glued that onto a pink flower, and that onto a headband with feathers for a cute little girly outfit.

And wa-lah! Another post will follow about what I did with the rest of the shirt. ;)

The 3T shirt

My old shirt


awwww - he wanted to smile with his sister!

My son took this photo - he is going to be a great photographer someday!

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