Monday, May 30, 2011

Fourth of July Creativity & Fun

I love creating holiday decorations (especially if my mini-me is going to don them ;)!!)  Last week, I created this Fourth of July wreath for my door, and this weekend (since apparently - minus today - all the weather here wants to do lately is rain), I had a lot of free time on my hands to do some creating.

And of course, hairbows it was. I created a ton of different ones that I'm going to hand out to my friends' little ones to wear for the holiday, and then I (as always) created duplicates for the shop. I can't wait for fireworks and sparklers and watching my kids as they stare in awe at the sky lighting up ;)  And I love that we get to teach them about freedom, and how lucky they are to live in a land where they can have an opinion and it can be anything they want, thanks to the freedom our ancestors created.

What are you making for the Fourth of July?

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