Getting Organized (Did I ever tell you I'm a jewelry junkie!?)

I'll let you in on a little secret. Okay, a not so little secret.

I am a jewelry-aholic. But not nice jewelry, because I'm always scared I'll lose it or someone will steal it, lol. So, I collect fun, funky, play jewelry. And lots of it!!

It's getting a little chaotic. So in the past few days, I've been tackling it in my free moments and it's finally starting to come together. First, I turned an old, rectangular cream-colored memo board into a dangly earring holder. I have an earring tree but hate it, and this memo board is working out much better for me. Plus, it's prettier!

I even made a little something-something for it, and I'd LOVE to credit the blogger where I got the idea, but I cannot find my notebook with her blog written down! So I'm sorry, awesome blogger with the amazing idea, but I cannot credit you! She used magnets and a white board, but I didn't have those and wanted to use materials I had on hand. So I utilized a shadow box from IKEA, some hot glue, and some velcro. Oh, and one of those little containers you use for putting formula and baby food in, with the dividers in it.

Using all that, I created...a makeup display box! This will be so useful - this stuff all used to just be tossed in a drawer, but now I can actually see what I'm looking for!!

Taking apart the shadow box, and gluing a light fabric to the mat for some color.

Velcro! attached one side to the fabri, the other to the makeup.

Took the little formula divider thing, and attached it with velcro, too. Now it holds all the little things, like tweezers, eyelash glue, etc.


And here is my insane collection of play jewelry. You can thank Claire's and Icing for their 10 for $10 clearance sales.

My new little makeup display.

Necklace insanity! I use little 3M hooks on the back of the closet door to hold my necklaces and keep them from getting tangled.

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  1. Everything looks great!! I love being organized :)

    Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday!


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