Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Making a Shirt from the Skull/Crossbones Dress Scraps!

I found a way to still use my shirt! Woo hoo! After making this dress for my daughter, I decided to cut up another old white shirt of mine that I didn't like (had a stain on the upper right chest) and use the bottom of that with the top of my black and white striped shirt that is a special memory for me!

Super simple to sew together. I love that it's not short anymore, and that it is a big contrast. And it's lightweight for summer.


I love new clothing. And I already have an idea for when I decide I don't want to wear the shirt anymore (as it inevitably happens with every piece of clothing I own, lol) - I am going to make it into a pillow that can decorate my bed ;)

The shirts before:

What happened to the other half of the black & white shirt:

The shirts after (please ignore the hair/lack of makeup. It's late. And I'm not a supermodel, so don't expect awesome poses!)

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  1. Great refashion! Love the contrasting fabrics together!

    I would love if you came and linked this project to my clothes upcycling page. It has a long term linky, so your project would stay there for more than just the week of a usual linky. We have over 80 projects linked up now – some fantastic ideas.
    Do come and take a look!

  2. love refashion! this looks great



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