Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello Kitty Extravaganza!

As I've mentioned in the past, my daughter is an extreme Hello Kitty fan:

p.s. the hat in the last pic was made by Flapper Fashions. If you have never visited her site - you should!

Also, see more evidence of my crazy Hello Kitty craftiness here and here.

My son was never really into any one thing at 2 years old, but she adores Hello Kitty. And that of course makes her aunts, and grandma, and my friends (okay, okay, and me and daddy) buy her Hello Kitty stuff. She has three Hello Kitty shirts and some days it is a BATTLE to convince her she should wear one of the other 8 bazillion shirts she has.

So back to my point: every time I see the price on Hello Kitty items, it makes me cringe. See, I am a thrifty girl. I can't tell you the last time I bought something that wasn't on sale (and most of the time, only 1 out of every time items I buy is not on clearance). So to pay full price for these items...hurts. Especially when it is something she loves to wear all the time. So I've come up with a nifty little solution tonight after a trip to Build-A-Bear to celebrate potty training with - you guessed it - the new limited edition pink Hello Kitty. (side note: I had money left on a gift card, and a $5 coupon. Told you - I don't buy things full price!)

Low and behold, the tag attached to Hello Kitty was a thick, glossy cardboard, and aside from a hole in the ear where the tag went through, was in perfect condition.

Hmmmmmm.... you can already see where I'm going with this ;)

I hot glued it to felt. I put a rhinestone on the hole in her ear (like an earring). I used some scrapbooking half-pearls that I bought on clearance at Michael around the head. I glued the whole contraption to a very old, broken white hairbow I had. And then I wrapped an old, beat up headband of hers in strips of denim (frayed to look vintage), and attached the Hello Kitty head to it.

PERFECT! And for no real additional cost (okay, like 10 cents), she had a new hairbow! Hello Kitty hairbow, that is.

I knew I had a couple more of those little things laying around - one was the backing to a Hello Kitty necklace I picked up in the dollar bin at Target a few weeks back, and one was from the shirt a friend just gave her.

I did the same thing ;) One of them had, in type, "3+ years" on the ear, so I covered it up with some white cardboard, then added a felt and button bow to cover it all up. I think she'll be pretty happy tomorrow ;)

Before - two of the pieces. I was too excited and forgot to take a pic of the first one before I started!

And after!!

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