Thursday, July 7, 2011

Everyday is a Good Day

The past two weeks have been a bit rough. Our dryer broke. My husband's car was hit around midnight while it was parked outside by a hit and run driver (thankfully, no one was in the car). Our septic overflowed in the basement, thanks to roots growing through the pipes. And my car was almost hit yesterday by a teen driver who swerved into my lane (causing me to swerve into oncoming traffic) - but luckily, no one got hit.

And it's weeks like this where I often find myself taking a few deep breaths and remembering it could be worse. No one is sick, no one is hurt. Those broken things are replaceable and fixable.

In the midst of these days, I've come to find that I truly look forward to every single morning. Not just because I wake up breathing (thankfully!), but because of how each morning starts.

Around 4 a.m. when my hubby gets up for work, my daughter climbs into bed with me to snuggle. Okay, 80% snuggle, 20% flail every limb and bruise me. But snuggling trumps ;)

Then when my "cuddle" alarm goes off (this is what my son calls it, because it's set for a half hour before we get up, so we can snuggle), he crawls out of his bed and into mine. My daughter snuggles up against my back, I snuggle my arms around my son, and for a half hour I am in heaven.

I know it won't always be like this. He's nearly six, and the days where snuggling mom are no longer cool are rapidly approaching. And before I know it, my little girl will be growing up and I'll be snuggle-less in the mornings.

When the real alarm finally goes off, I give them each some tickles and their smiles light up the room, before they attack me with kisses and ask for five more minutes of snuggles.

It's in moments like this that nothing broken or frustrating even enters the realm of my mind, because I'm too busy experiencing first hand how lucky and blessed my life really is. And on weekends, when the whole family is snuggling in that big ol' bed, I know I never felt more complete than with my wonderful little family. They are my whole life, and I'm perfectly okay with that.

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