Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July Dress

Okay, I am definitely a little late on this ;) I'm sorry for the lack of posting lately, but between trying to squeeze in all the summer fun we can (let's face it - here in the midwest we have all of what, like 3 months of nice weather?!) and running Prose Boutique and working full-time, I have been neglectful. But I do love you, dear blog followers, and will work harder to try and post ;)

So here is the dress I created for my daughter for the 4th of July. The dress itself was from Walmart for $5. I liked it because it was lightweight and red. I sewed on the stars from a blue starred fabric I had, and then created a blue floral headband for her to wear with it. Everyone loved it at the party, so that was nice. I always worry people won't like the stuff I've made, so it's nice to know they do!

Hope you are having a GREAT week, blogland!

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