Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hobby Lobby 90% off - Gotta love a sale!

There's not much I love more than my kids, my husband, and my family and friends. The only thing that takes a close second is a good sale ;)

I stopped into Hobby Lobby for some sequined trim. But seriously, I have never, ever walked out of there or Michael's with ONLY what I went for. I think I have a sickness (or weakness ;)!)

They had 90% off of their clearance home goods. $157.85 worth of goodies for...$23.87. A savings of 133.98. AWESOME!

Oh, I went a bit crazy! I bought 6 baskets, 2 metal signs, a decorative box, and six candles for my fireplace! The three stacked baskets in the first picture, along with the dark ones, are for displaying items from my shop at craft fairs. The light colored moses basket is for my daughter to carry her dolly in. (It has a broken piece on the side, but I'm going to fix it in a later post!)  The motorcycle sign is for hubby's man cave, in honor of his motorcycle, and the fishing sign is for my son who has discovered a love of fishing with grandpa. The decorative "amor" box is for all the little trinkets and love letters from my sweetie over the years, and the candles are filling my fireplace for a little pretend fire during the summer.

EEK! I love sales ;)

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