Spicing up the Little Black Dress

I recently had a wedding to go to. In typical girl style, I had to find a new dress. What I came up with not only saved me money, but became a useful way to change up plain t-shirts, too! (and I make them for my shop, here).

Obviously, right? Because the 20 I have in my closet just wouldn't do. (I don't understand either. Apparently, this is just how it works.)

So after at least 10 stores, and what felt like 10 million dresses, here were my thoughts:

1) I'm too fat.
2) I'm too pale.
3) This dress is too hot.
4) That dress is too thin.
5) This dress is too long.
6) That dress is too short.

Oh, the comments could go on and on. When I got home, and was playing around with flowers for headbands, I thought, hmmmmmm....

Now, I have a cute, little black dress. Very simple, with some ruffles at the bottom and a drop waist. It's thin so it's great for summer, but it is so plain. And black. And this was a wedding I was going to. I didn't want to permanently alter my dress, but I thought of an even better solution - make a clip that I can clip onto the neckline, and change out!

I made two, and from there picked one. One was multi-colored with spring colors, the other was a royal blue. My husband's favorite color is royal blue, so I went with that one. I even made an extra flower to clip on my little black purse, but I forgot to take a photo :(

So anyway, I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures, but it was a point and shoot, and it was dark. I did make a couple for my shop, too.


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