Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School...Sending my first baby to Kindergarten

This week, my oldest started kindergarten. Not just kindergarten, but all day kindergarten. Big, scary, tons of kids all around kindergarten.

Okay, maybe that last one is just an exaggeration of my mind. But that's how I felt dropping him off. I had in my head that there would be tears (both of us), hugs (both of us), not wanting to let go (both of us). We got up extra early, got the uniform on (and did he look handsome!), got his backpack together with all his school supplies...and drove over to school.

I was holding it together. We walked to the drop-off point, introduced him again to his teacher who was telling all the boys and girls how much fun they were going to have, walked him to line up with the other kids, and then stood back and stared for about 10 minutes. I looked at my boy, standing there amongst the 16 kids in his class. Some of them were bigger, some smaller. There were alot of girls, which seemed to be his main concern (they have cooties, you know). And then the teacher looked at all the kids and said, "Okay, wave bye to mom and dad, and let's head inside!"

My son, smiling ear to ear, waved at us for a millisecond, and then was focused happily on heading into the building. And I, standing there amongst the parents, began crying. Partly because even though he's only five, it feels like just yesterday he was this tiny bundle that fit perfectly packaged into the crook of my arm, and needed me for everything; and partly because I wished my mom could be there with us to see this day.

How did he get so big, so fast? Every day, he seems to be another year older. This all-day school thing isn't a huge change for him, since he's been in daycare all day everyday since he was three months old. And here he was, in his polo and dress pants, a Super Mario Brothers backpack outweighing him with all it's school supply contents, standing tall and marching into a brand new chapter in his life, seemingly without a care in the world.

I pulled it together, and when we picked him up at the end of his day, he was all smiles and stories! He met some friends, they ate a snack, he colored. He loved it! Day 2, day 3, and now day 4 have come and gone, and not a sign of "needing mommy." I'm torn between a broken heart and being so proud of him for being such a brave little boy!

I'm sure it's not the only time I'll cry on their first day of school. I cry at commercials, truth be told! And as the years pass, they will probably blur together and every year will be like the next. But I know for a fact that years from now, I will still remember watching him wave and walk in that building, and be reminded of how much love one heart can hold for one little boy.

Hugging his sister goodbye at her daycare: 

Proud Daddy: 

Proud mommy:

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