Monday, March 12, 2012

A Toothfairy Pillow...

By the time my beautiful son (now six) was a year old, he had so many teeth - even the doctor's couldn't believe how many teeth he had! Here he is at a year - isn't he cute? I know you can't see his mouthful of teeth, but this is one of my favorite photos of him at that time ;)

Here is the little stinker now:

Which is why I guess I thought he'd start losing them at 5, like his buddies. But alas, he turned six the end of last year and nothing! He has been so disappointed, because he hears about all the goodies the tooth fairy brings and really wants to have that experience.

Low and behold, tonight we found a barely loose front tooth (barely, but definitely loose!) and he was ecstatic! So he and I worked on a little project: making his very own tooth fairy pillow!

I have to run it through the washer and dryer a couple times to get the edges to fray really nice, and look vintage-y, but here it is pre-washing. We even put a little square on the back where we can use a fabric pen to write down the dates he lost his teeth. Let the toothless fun begin ;)

Have a great week, everyone ;)

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