Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Disney! Decade Bucket List Goal #9

My husband and I used to be the people who thought, "How on earth can you go to Disney year after year? Don't you want to do anything else? Geez."

Then we saved up some money to take the kids because let's be honest, isn't it like obligatory that you take your kids there at some point in life? I'm pretty sure that was on the birth certificates somewhere.

Now we understand, because we would love to go there every year! Oh, if only. It was a blast though. Alex rode his first roller coaster; Pey got autographs from the Princesses. We ate A LOT. We walked A LOT. We laughed A LOT. 

Best. Vacation. Ever.  Nothing beat seeing the kids so excited as the characters they love on their favorite shows come to life and talk to them. I cried. Yes, I did, I cried.

Disney, if you ever need a family to test out a new hotel room or park, give us a shout. We are in!


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