Monday, March 4, 2013

Book reviewers Wanted!

It's a few months late, but I wanted to announce on the blog that I've published my book. My editor and I worked very hard on it, and I am so pleased with the outcome - not to mention the reviews it has garnered!

The most enjoyable part of the ride has been sharing my daydreams with others. I'm keeping the eBook listed at $0.99 so I hope you might take an opportunity and read it.

The Touch
(available on Nook, Kindle and paperback)

Imagine being able to cure any illness in the world with the touch of a finger - yet looking into the eyes of a young cancer patient and not being able to because of the good that will come to the world through the work her family will do in research in her name. While the world debates the how and why of diseases, natural disasters, modern medicine and miracles, the simplest truth has always been a much less complicated – yet unimaginable - explanation: two covert groups of souls known as the Healers and the Grims that control with a touch of their fingers the process and order of life and death. While the two clans have worked together to oversee the world’s population, the taste of power is enough to coerce one Grim to stop at nothing to enact revenge for his bloodline.

Fresh from a move to small-town Lee, Healer AJ McCallister has found a pull with local Addie Jenko and found himself – along with Addie and her daughter Rose – in the beginning of the second Great War between the Grims and the Healers. As a Healer, AJ cannot heal those he loves, which creates an internal turmoil as he struggles with the decision of returning Addie’s love and losing his gift or continuing to heal the sick and living out his presumed destiny. He must learn more about his clan’s ancient roots to keep Addie and the town from falling victim to the latest threat to their humanity, all while keeping his secret intact and preparing for a battle he is sure he won't emerge from. As the town becomes more than another faceless crowd needing protection to AJ, he learns the lengths he will go to in order to protect the people he has come to see as family. 


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