Wednesday, July 24, 2013

40 Before 40

It's just about time to share my "decade list"; aka feats I want to accomplish each decade. For the most part, they are not gigantic, hard-to-achieve goals, but rather simple and exciting things I want to do. And most of them are close to home, since I live near Chicago and there is still so much of this great city to see.

Do you have any goals you'd like to reach? I'd love to hear them!

40 Things to Do By the Day Im 40

1.      Take a dance class.

2.      Take the kids horseback riding. DONE March 29, 2013

3.      Write a complete book. DONE May 2012

4.      Publish that book. DONE August 2, 2012

5.      Go to my first Bulls game ever.

6.      Visit Nancy in Idaho.

7.      Open my own store. DONE, March 28, 2011

8.      Take the kids to a big show at the Rialto or Paramount (or somewhere like that)

9.      Go to Disneyworld. DONE September 2012

10.  Go back to New Orleans with friends.

11.  Go on an anniversary trip with Jaime. Somewhere. Anywhere.

12.  Win a raffle. DONE – St. Paul’s Bourbon Street Bash – Diamond Earrings, February 9, 2013

13.  Go to my first Blackhawks game ever.

14.  Learn how to make cake pops.

15.  Take a picture at the top of the Sears tower on that scary glass lookout thingy DONE July 19, 2013 with the Breakfast Club girls

16.  Take Alex sledding.

17.  Get Jaime’s artwork displayed at a gallery.

18.  Tip a good waiter $50 on a $10 bill.

19.  Create a really awesome photo display somewhere in the house.

20.  Enter a large competition.

21.  Fix something big in the house myself, with tools, without asking for help.

22.  Publish the story about mom’s journey with brain cancer. DONE May 1, 2013

23.  Sing karaoke. Sober. Okay, maybe just mostly sober. DONE May 24, 2013. And I was sober. Ha!

24.  Decorate one room in the house so that it looks like a showhouse!

25.  Go wine tasting with the girls in another state.

26.   Start writing each kiddo a book about my best memories of them growing up.

27.  Travel to 5 states. (so far: Wisconsin, August 2011, Kentucky and Tennessee, August 2012; Florida, September 2012)

28.  Fly in a small plane.

29.  Go to Italy or Ireland.

30.  Get a song I’ve written sung in a public venue.

31.  Take each kid to their first concert.

32.  See every major museum in Chicago in one summer.

33.  Take each kid on a ditch day from school and do something totally fun.

34.  Ride on the back of Jaime’s Harley.

35.  Be on television somehow (for something good, lol)

36.  Go ice skating on State street

37.  Take Alex and Pey on a rollercoaster.

38.  Go to a Cub’s game in Milwaukee.

39.  Own a Dodge Charger.

40.   Organize all the bins sitting in storage.

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