Featured Author - Serena Smithe (P.S. She's only 14!)

Today I have to introduce a pretty amazing author, my cousin's daughter, Serena Smithe - just a little note to start off this write-up: she's 14.

That's right - 14!

I think any 14 year old that can write an entire book is pretty talented.

Serena Smith The Witch Games
She's published her very first book, The Witch Game. Here's the synopsis: Sarah Johnson is just a ordinary girl. Straight A student. Doesn't get into drama, doesn't break the rules. That all changed when her and her best friend Crystal Anderson, get invited to the party of the year. James Marcob is the host, and even Sarah has to admit her attraction. When the party takes the turn for the worst, Sarah, James and Crystal hide in the underground maze. Where they find a old ouija board. They set it up and start to play. Ignoring the rules they accidentally set something free that would be better off dead. It has been lurking in their small, desolate town for centuries. The hometown legend. The witch. With things spinning out of control, they need to escape the maze, but what then? They can't leave a witch wandering around there town forever! Can they?

So head on over to Amazon and pick it up, and be sure to leave Serena a review when you're done! For more on Serena and other authors, visit my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/HealersAndGrims.

And now, a little more about Serena in her own words:

My Pen name is Serena Smithe, it's a bit of a inside joke between me and my friends! Well Smithe is but the first name... That's all me!!!

Background in writing
The only background in writing I have is what I've learned in school. In elementry school I never really had any inclination towards writing until 5th grade, where my teacher made writing fun and I realized what I really wanted to do. And now I've done it!

Books Written, Most recent book
So far I only have one book written. It is The Witch Game, which can be bought now on Kindle.

What you love most about writing
What I love the most about writing is the ability to transport someone from their life into a world where some things may be similar, but you are put through the adventure, the excitement, the love, the hurt, and the sadness of the main character. I would love if I were able to do that for someone, even if it is only one person.

The best book you've read
The best book I have ever read? This one I will have a problem answering! I have always been a reader. Even when I didn't truly appreciate writing. But at this point in time I would have to say the best book I have read is the Divergent series. I love how the author uses her words to make us feel. I just love that. My second favorite book series is the Wake Trilogy by Lisa McMann. I don't think I will ever get tired of reading about Janie. :)

What types of books you normally read
I honestly read almost every type of writing. Except for historical fiction and non-fiction. I've tried and I've realized that I just don't find much enjoyment in reading those books.

What or who inspires your writing?
Anything and everything inspires my writing. I use aspects of beauty and horror i see in the world and try and incorporate it into what I write. I feel that if I have only one source of inspiration... It will run dry and what will i write about then?! :)

Where do you come up with the ideas for your books?
My ideas just come to me at random times. The Idea for The Witch Game came after I had a conversation with my best friend, about our dream guy. I had brought up the trials of a 'Perfect Guy' and then the idea just came to me.

The genres you write and why.
I write fiction, fantasy, romance, adventure, etc. I really enjoy not having to make things 100% realistic. People have secrets, and I like how they can come back to haunt them. I just write what I enjoy to read.

What does a book need to be considered great?
It needs to be able to make someone laugh out loud, not be able to fight back tears, even when surrounded by others, makes you hate one character SO much you want to scream. Put you in another persons shoes. I just love those books and they're what you would call great.

Who are some of your favorite authors (Indie and otherwise)?
I know I will forget some but I'll try to name as many as I can
1. Cassandra Clare
2. Veronica Roth
3. Simon Holt
4. Lisa McMann
5. Stephen King
6. Suzanne Collins
7. Anne Rice
8. P. C. Cast
And that's all I can remember off the top of my head! Though I'm sure there are a LOT more. :)

What will be your next project?
My next project will be the second book in The Witch Game series. I can't wait to finish this book and move onto the next. I have a couple other books I'm working on, but the next book is my main project at this point in time!


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