Sunday, September 8, 2013

Please send Norman Reedus

Alongside my best girls and my wonderful husband, I've been lucky enough to see quite a few movies in the past couple years (I was never a big movie person). And I've noticed that there is always some great hero who survives explosions and near-death scenarios to save the day.

It's usually the likes of Gerard Butler or Bruce Willis, who - don't get me wrong - are good-looking and brilliant, clean cut men. And I adore them, I do. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't mesmerized by Butler in "Olympus Has Fallen". And while I would trust them all to save the day, there is only one badass dude I want you to send if I ever get kidnapped:

Norman Reedus.

Yes, this stud pictured here. You can check out his instagram (filled with funny and sweet pictures) here:

For a man who isn't the main character, his persona Daryl Dixon certainly takes center stage on his show, The Walking Dead. The man doesn't need huge firearms or explosives to save the day - he simply needs his crossbow and a little knife. When he first held the newborn baby on the show and called her "Little Asskicker," my husband looked over at me with eyebrows raised and shook his head. He knew the already obvious - I was lost in the shaggy-haired-bad-boy-with-a-sweet-side swoony fog. Sorry honey. You get me back in between seasons at least, right?

In the show, Norman wears dirty, tattered clothing from years of being on the run from zombies, and he drives a motorcycle. In a zombie apocalypse. No windows or barriers between him and the undead - that's how badass he is.

So, to the world: if the zombie apocalypse ever happens, or if I am kidnapped by rogue G.I. Joe's or the next villain in Avengers, don't bother Bruce Willis or Gerard Butler or Liam Neeson or even The Rock. I'd rather be saved by the unexpected underdog hero in all his sweaty gloriousness. And then let my husband know he can just relax at home and wait. ;)

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