Reading Giveaway!

Does anyone like to read? I'd like to do a little giveaway - the first two books in my Healer Series!

And the bonus? You can pick paperback or Kindle edition, since I know some people enjoy the smell and feel of an actual book in hand, while others relish in the technological advances that have made all books a quarter inch thick ;)


All you have to do to enter is stop by my Facebook page at and "like" the page, and leave me a comment about where you heard about the contest from! That's all! Then you are entered to win the two books. You have until September 20 to enter!

The Touch has been out since August 2012, and book two, The Vengeance, was just released this past August. Check out the reviews, read the descriptions below, and if they jive with something you'd like you read, please take a moment to enter!

Have a great Monday!


The Touch
AJ McCallister can cure any illness with a single touch. Sometimes, however, the laws of his secret world forbid it - and sometimes good people must die. In a search for normalcy, the Healer finds more than a new home down south in Lee as the hard to resist Addie steals his heart. He faces a momentous decision between abiding by his ancient clan’s laws and upholding history, or allowing an enemy to kill Addie and her daughter. With either choice he will end up alone. AJ must decide which is harder: living next to Addie without her love, or not having her around at all? Find us on Facebook at for more news and events.

The Vengeance
Come on! I can't post the description! It would spoil the suspense of book ! However, you can read it here if you're like me and sometimes read the last chapter of a book first ;)


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