Sunday, August 3, 2014

Create a really awesome photo display somewhere in the house - Decade Bucket List #19

I love photos. Like, love them. Old ones, new ones. I am a photo queen. The photo-razzi. People are stunned when I show up somewhere without a camera, that's how bad my obsession is. 

I wanted to create a really awesome photo display somewhere in our house where I can swap out photos every now and then. I now have three spots ;)

The first is my upstairs hallway. I made a giant photo collage (I left some space to add new photos as I wish). I love it! I bought the letter "R" at Hobby Lobby for $3 (clearance) and hated the pattern underneath, so I bought some scrapbook paper, ripped it into pieces, and mod-podged it to the letter. I added a burlap rosette with some bling and it's perfect!

Next, the living room. We are a superguy family. We just did the coolest photoshoot ever (see the pics here) and we are going to add those to the currently empty frames. I bought another "R" on clearance and again mod-podged paper I like that matches our American superhero theme.

And finally is my dining room. This one still needs some work, but it's getting there. The cabinet was handmade by my dad and grandpa many moons ago.  

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