Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Most. Fun. Photoshoot. Ever.

In our house, we don't take normal family photos. Ever. Most people dress up. I tell the kids to pick out their favorite outfit and accessories. This usually results in jeans or athletic shorts for my son and a Minecraft or video game related t-shirt. For my daughter, it's usually a skirt, leggings, mismatched shirt, five necklaces, four bracelets, three hairbows and a purse. For my husband, well, he dresses nice all the time so he is usually putting us to shame ;)  But that's the joy of our family photos - I have these images that capture who we are at that particular point in time. We aren't the family that is color-coordinated and put together all the time. We are discombobulated and goofy and lucky if we have matching shoes - so that's what our photos should reflect!

So this year, we did a superguy theme, as that is our current living room decor. My plan is to print out two of the photos and put them in 8x10 frames, and then if scroll all the way down, we are going to make several movie posters for the living room! My plan is to print them out poster size, modpodge to a piece of wood and sand the edges for a vintage look. I will post that when I actually set aside the time to do it! 

Couple notes: I took the photos myself (with the help of a tripod and a son who can run really fast), and added a grainy look to them so they look older. The clouds are natural - that's why I rushed home from work one night and forced everyone to pull out their favorite superhero gear and head a half hour out into the cornfields! And finally, on the posters, I blurred all the names (including my very clever piece on the bottom where I used friends and family as the producers, directors, etc.). But you get the point.





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