Monday, August 4, 2014

The Family Pet

Written for WriteOn (Writing Group) in April 2014

Wanted to share a little poem I wrote a while back. ;)

She rises with the morning sun
Yet doesn’t make a sound;
She tiptoes, checking on the brood
Paws hardly touching ground.
Sometimes she feels forgotten
As they’re running out the door,
All day she’s waiting anxiously
To see them all once more.
She’s toted where the family goes –
To work, to parks, to sports;
She protects and watches over them
On duty to report.
Her hair could use a brushing
Since it’s been a week or two;
But someone’s always busy,
There’s always one more thing to do.
When it’s time to potty
She’s been holding it awhile;
Her nails are painted sloppy pink
By a toddler with a smile.
She’s dressed in fluffy clothing
Of the princess variety
By a four-year-old fashionista
Who wants her “friend” to come to tea.
She gets to eat when she’s remembered,
But more often than not
She’s scavenging what’s left behind
From plate or bowl or pot.
They use her as a pillow
As they pull and poke and tug;
I’ll treasure being their favorite pet
For as mom, I get the biggest hugs.

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