Another day, another gray hair

It's late but I promised myself I'd keep up with the blogging, sooo....bear with me.

Do I go dark? Do I go blonde? Do I throw caution to the wind and go bright red? This is a serious #momlife issue for me right now.

I looked in the mirror tonight as I was brushing my teeth and noticed yet another gray hair. Oh, how I hate you gray hair! I don't have the 20-year-old bod to rock the current #grayhair trend, and I don't have that sophisticated Stacy London swishy streak of gray. No. I have little gray spaghetti noodles popping up everywhere, in a much different texture than my wispy brown.

My mama was mostly gray by the time she was 36, which is when she started dying her hair blonde. Let me tell you - my hair is dark brown, and I've had my hair blonde before. Not a great look for me, in my opinion. If I was brave enough I'd dig up photos, but I'm lazy (and/or not willing to shame myself like that, could go either way).

I know it's only hair, but... I admit I have some serious gray hair insecurity! :)

Since discovering the multiplying gray offenders, I try and dye my hair the color it is naturally, which at this point is anyone's guess. I've been dying my hair red or black or brown or ombre or highlights or a myriad of other colors (sans blonde) for as long as I can remember. Dark brown is what the (non-gray) roots are, so we'll go with that. 

But lately, with running kids around and a full-time job and everything else we're working on, I haven't had time. And tonight, peeking in the mirror at myself, the gray hairs stand out. I know, I know, it's so shallow to care about the gray hair but come on, I'm a woman and I'm a little insecure about some things, like getting called "ma'am" at the store or the gray hairs creeping up on my skull.

It probably doesn't help that the last few months I've been going through and organizing old photos in my futile attempt to declutter and de-crap-ify the house. Pictures of childhood and high school and college and even five short years ago when no gray hairs were anywhere to be found. Turning 30 wasn't hard; I don't even think nearing the 40 mark is hard. What IS hard for me is finding those tiny, long and thin gray reminders that another day has passed.

I have two boxes of hair color sitting on the shelf in my bathroom; dark brown and blonde. For three weeks I've been in a wishy-washy battle over which to try. Meanwhile, the world is abuzz with presidential politics and chaos, and I'm over here fretting over which hair color to use. Which, let me tell you, only adds to my wishy-washy-ness on choosing because of the guilt of worrying about such frivolous things as gray hair!


And yes, I'm still undecided. So perhaps the gray will stay for awhile.


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