A New Year...

It's crazy to me that 2016 is now over. I'm left standing here, wondering what the heck I'm going to do with 2017.

I could make resolutions, but I probably won't keep them. (Seventeen years of fitness promises made on December 31 and failed by January 2 are proof of that.) I didn't really do much on my 40 Before 40 list last year, so perhaps I'll work at checking some of those off. In my defense, I have two kids with better social lives than me and in addition to a full-time job spent most of my time chauffeuring kids to and from activities/play dates. 

One thing I am determined to do this year is get a few of my manuscripts edited and published. I spent so much time working on them (there are five), and all that's happened to them is the collection of virtual dust on an external hard drive.

And if I can really find the motivation, I'm determined to also finish writing two that I have started (of the many, many starts I have written in a notebook). 

So what are YOUR plans for 2017? Anything good? If not, please feel free to jump in on a few of the 40 Before 40 projects. (Especially if you're Chris Evans or Norman Reedus. Call me.)


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