Sunday, January 22, 2017

Oh, American Girl.

Oh, American Girl, I have to give you guys props, even though I have a complaint. It's not about your cost (hey, if people will pay mega-bucks for your brand, more power to ya), but rather how incredibly well you've developed your product and infiltrated my home.

We made the decision five years ago that we weren't going to have anymore babies. While it was a little sad to know that the baby days were over, I was also looking forward to the fun we would have as a family of four. And by fun, I mean not having to carry around a diaper bag or bottle bag again as the kids were potty trained.

My youngest is eight years old and has been potty trained for years. Yet here we are and I'm back to carrying around everything I was so excited to move on from.

Yesterday, I found myself at the grocery store with aforementioned kid asking if she can push the full cart. Sure, I say. To which she hands me her American Girl doll, strapped into a doll car-seat carrier, and a dolly diaper bag.

"Oh, how cute!" you say. Nope. Nope, nope, nope. You'd think a dolly diaper bag would be small, right? No way. This thing is only slightly smaller than an average human-baby sized diaper bag. And it's legit filled with the following: diapers, fake wipes, multiple clothing changes, burp clothes, bibs, an extra blanket, fake bottles, fake snacks, silverware and dishes to eat the fake snacks, shoes, doll-sized baby toys... you get the drift. (Thank goodness most of our stuff comes second-hand or we make clothes for them, like we did in a few of these pics!)

And here I am, 3 29-years-old (Again. And again. And some more agains.) and carting around a doll and all of her goods. (Which honestly, yesterday wasn't as bad as when she doesn't have the doll car seat carrier, because I end up holding the doll and bouncing and just look like the crazy doll lady picking out her groceries.)

Now, I love seeing my little girl playing with her dolls. (Not because "that's what little girls are supposed to play with," because little girls should play with lots of stuff, including mud and basketballs.) I love watching her care for and nurture them, with her big heart. She so carefully dresses them, tucks them in, and it's adorable. I know that those skills are helping her learn how to treat others, and helping her learn in a way she's comfortable with. And I love playing dolls with her (yes, I even have the American Girl doll Kit, my absolute favorite).

And though I complain, American Girl, you will probably find me at the grocery store next week bouncing her beloved (beat up and stained) Bitty Baby on my hip as I pick out bread for the week.

Touché, American Girl.

Score: American Girl 1, Allie 0.

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