Long ago when I first began writing, I fell in love with poetry. As most do, I have a particular taste in poetry, and I find myself always gravitating back to Robert Frost.

The prose, the flow, and the beautiful wording that he uses to embrace both playful and grim topics always caught my ear. Though I've read the work of many poets, his has been and will likely always be my favorite.

I came across a box of my early poetry while cleaning out the storage bins cluttering the basement. It certainly made me giggle to read the teenage angst scribbled across the papers. (Nothing I'll post here, simply to save some of my dignity!) It did, however, serve to remind me that it has been quite a long time since I've picked up a poetry book and read the short stories inside. Isn't it amusing how it can be so difficult to write a short story and cram into 2,500 words everything you want to say, and yet in a poem, a mere eight lines can convey the message and the emotion the author seeks?

One of my favorite poems of all time is this one, and I'd enjoy hearing what your thoughts on it are. I don't want to share mine yet, so as to not play my thoughts into yours before you've had a chance to read it. (Screen grab from Pinterest, no idea whose image it is!) Or, share what your favorite poem may have been. I'm always looking for something new to read!


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