Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Very excited to write again!

It's been a couple years since I've published a story, because, well, life. Kids plus full-time jobs plus activities = not much free time. Not that I mind - being a mom and watching these two grow is far more exciting than anything I could write!

Now that we're on a better schedule, I have been able to find a little time here and there to begin plucking away at the third book in the Healers series and shaping it into the story I've been imagining for the past three years. And hopefully, you will be able to have this book in hand by the end of the summer.

Here's a little sneak peek:
     "I believe that you will always know me. You might not know where you know me from, but you’ll recognize me.”
     “Will you be okay if I go?”
     “You tell me,” she smiled, reaching for his hand.
     “Rose, stop, we’re not supposed to look at each other's future…”
     “If you’re leaving anyway, what’s the difference? What do you see? Come on. What’s it matter if you break the rules?”
     With a sigh of resignation, he let his cold hand wrap around the warmth of hers and closed his eyes.

Who is "he"? What does he see? And what is Rose's future?

Well, I haven't written the very end yet, so I still can't tell you. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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