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The Touch (Book 1)
AJ McCallister can cure any illness with a single touch. Sometimes, however, the laws of his secret world forbid it - and sometimes good people must die. In a search for normalcy, the Healer finds more than a new home down south in Lee as the hard to resist Addie steals his heart. He faces a momentous decision between abiding by his ancient clan’s laws and upholding history, or allowing an enemy to kill Addie and her daughter. With either choice he will end up alone. AJ must decide which is harder: living next to Addie without her love, or not having her around at all? The second book in the Healer series, The Vengeance, is coming soon. Find us on Facebook at for more news and events.

The Vengeance (Book 2)
No good deed goes unpunished. With the threat of Devin gone, Addie’s life is about to change forever. After having her memory wiped, Addie is thrown back into the life she knew before Healers and Grims. As a stirring of the past arrives in Lee, Addie and AJ find themselves torn between what is right and what they each want for their lives - and face a stranger who may take Rose away from all of them. 
With dire consequences for any choice made, AJ and Addie must find a way to co-exist before revenge takes the choice out of their hands. 

Goodbyes Before You're Gone
Contributions by: Amy Atwood, Vicki Mallet, Denise Goyack, Kim Bloomfield, Christy Brewsaugh, Claudine Pankey-Zaugg, Pat McDonnell, Heather Loughlin McAllister, Ellen Jannol, and Jennifer Gutierrez. According to the American Brain Tumor Association’s website, brain tumors are the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children under age twenty. They are the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in males ages twenty to thirty-nine, and the fifth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in females in the same age range. An estimated 69,720 new cases of primary brain tumors are expected to be diagnosed in 2013, including both malignant and non-malignant tumors. Those are just a few of the facts. Inside the pages of this book you will meet the caregivers and their loved ones who fought valiantly against brain cancer. The stories will, hopefully, inspire you to join the fight against cancer – but more importantly, they will introduce you to some of the strongest men and women you may ever meet. Readers will also meet Jennifer – a survivor and story of hope against this disease. Our loved ones will forever remain in our hearts, and now we hope that they will find a place in yours as well. All the author's proceeds from this book are being donated to the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) for research and caregiver support.

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